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Run as fast as you can from the raging stampeding bulls! Put your Lucha Dash character into action with an easy single finger tap and swipe controls.

Collect Tacos along the way to fill up your power bar. Use your Lucha Dash power to increase your speed and break those obsatcles.

Pick up powerups such as HomeBoard, score multiplier and Burrito to attract more Tacos and to score more.

Purchase Lucha power ups with Tacos such as Normal Dash, Mega Dash and +5 Score Multiplier to gain more points and Tacos.


- Several achievable missions

- Watch ad to continue the game

- Purchasable Energy Drink for continuous gameplay

- Lucha Dash ability when power bar is full

© 2016 TDrive


luchador_gplay_100i.apk 44 MB

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